Kids Bike Trade In Program

Kids Bike Upgrade Program

At Cycle Craft, Cat and I recognize that keeping your kids riding on a bike store quality bicycle can be expensive. We’re here to help! Our kids bike upgrade program saves you money by allowing you to trade in a bike your child has outgrown for the next size up. Here’s how it works:

Bring in your current kids bike sized 12”, 16”, 20” or 24” for evaluation. The bike must be a bike store quality bike (not purchased from a department store) and be in ride-able condition. We will grade your bike A, B, or C based on its condition. Grade “A” bikes will have an almost new appearance with minimal paint damage and no significant rust. Tires will not show significant wear and seat and grips will not be torn. The bike should have all its original stock parts including training wheels, fenders, baskets, pads, etc.

A grade “B” bike should be in good condition showing moderate paint damage and minimal rust. Tires will show moderate wear and the bike should have all of its original accessories intact as described above. A grade “C” bike is operational but has moderate to significant paint damage, significant rust, torn seat or grips and is missing some original accessories such as training wheels, fenders, baskets, pads, etc.

Here is the value chart

Example of Condition A

Example of Condition B

Example of Condition C

Your trade in bike should be less than 3 years old. Your trade value can be applied towards a new bike or towards any bike in the trade pool. We can only accept one trade in bike per new bike purchase. 

Did you know Cycle Craft accepts adult bike trade ins? Click here to get an idea what your adult bike is worth.


Brendan and Cat want your old bike! If you have a bike you just don’t love anymore but you are holding back from treating yourself to a new ride because you don’t know what to do with your current bike-We’re here to help!


Bring in your bike for an evaluation by Brendan or one his people and find out how much your bike is worth. We will look at anything regardless of age or condition and give you an honest appraisal of what we think it will fetch-Generally we will offer a wholesale trade credit on your bike towards the purchase of a new bike at any Cycle Craft location.

We use a variety of sources for evaluating your bike’s resale value including ebay and Bicycle Blue Book. We will explain exactly how we determined what we believe the value to be.  Evaluations are free and there is no obligation if you decide to hold onto your bike or sell it yourself. No appointment is necessary-stop by any time!