The Cycle Craft Fit System

Unlock your potential.

The Fitters:

All Cycle Craft’s fitters have certification from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) in bike fitting. Some have multiple certifications including the F.I.S.T method. But more importantly they have a combined wealth of experience having completed thousands of bike fits for road, mountain, and triathlon riders. Our collaborative approach to improving our methods and technique allows us to provide a bike fit experience like no other. There are bike fits and then there are Cycle Craft Bike Fits. Our results are guaranteed!

The Technology:

The Guru Dynamic Fit Unit - One of the ways Cycle Craft provides a great fit experience is through using state of the art tools like the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit. The DFU is a computer controlled fit bike that makes changes to a riders position while pedaling, to deliver a final result that allows you to confidently choose the right equipment and set up. No other system currently available delivers the results of the Guru Dynamic Fit Experience.

Guru Rider Scan Technology - Your primary Rider Scan™ captures all essential contact points to drive your GURU fit - including height, inseam, shoulder width, arm length and more. This innovative process eliminates the need for manual measurements - ensuring superior data accuracy.

Every GURU fit session includes a comprehensive, personalized fit report that outlines your exact riding position coordinates - making it easy to replicate your riding position on a new bike or an existing bike.

Our Services:

Performance Bicycle Fitting - Our process addresses a variety of performance and comfort concerns for all types of riders. During the fit, which takes approximately three hours, specific attention is given to each rider's unique requirements. Free follow-up visits are included to ensure 100% satisfaction with your fit.

A Cycle Craft Performance Fit includes:

  • Rider interview
  • Flexibility assessment 
  • Shoe sizing
  • Pedal selection
  • Handlebar selection
  • Saddle selection
  • Unlimited saddle changes
  • Use of Guru Motion Capture spin scan analysis
  • Refinement of Cleat placement
  • Transfer the new position on to customers bike*
  • Free fit follow up

Bicycle Sizing

Having a great ride experience is not simply a matter of choosing the right frame size. Factors such as rider flexibility, riding style, and personal comfort preferences are the true driving factors that guide a cyclist to the ideal bicycle. For clients searching for the most suitable bike, Cycle Craft offers the Bicycle Sizing Service. Using the same Guru Dynamic Fit Unit we use in our comprehensive Performance Fitting we are able to recommend the bicycles that come closest to your ideal and what adjustments are needed to "dial in" your position. While not as comprehensive as the Performance Bicycle Fitting, the Bicycle Sizing Service is a great starting point on your path to the ride of your life.

A Cycle Craft Bicycle Sizing includes:

  • Shoe sizing
  • Pedal selection
  • Handlebar selection
  • Saddle selection
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Transfer of fit data to new bicycle*

Please call for pricing and to schedule your fit: (973) 227-4462

*Does not include cost of parts or re-cabling.

"I feel very good in the new position, more powerful. Thanks again for the session. I'm really glad I did it."


"Thanks for your time on Saturday. You help me improve my bike speed and I feel great with my new seat & shoes!"

"I've been very pleased. Currently, I have about 600 miles on the bike and it feels very good."

"I mean, for real, I felt like Chris Froome for crying out loud!!"

"Thanks for taking the time to give me a solid fitting for my new investment! I am very excited about taking a big step forward in my cycling life."