About Us


Cycle Craft is the oldest bicycle store in Morris County.

Cycle Craft Parsippany New Jersey

The original owner, Ron Farber purchased the store in 1970 and was the only owner until he sold it to Andy Boyland in March of 2002. For much of this time Ron was content to keep the store as a small mom and pop operation until he hired General Manager Ron Lippner back in the early 90’s. Ron Lippner, or RL as he became known so as not to be confused with Ron Farber, had a vision of what the “ultimate” bike store would look like. 

In 1994 RL hired Brendan Poh and together they set out to create the best bike shop in New Jersey.  Over time, their plan took shape and Cycle Craft’s business tripled in the span of 4 years. In 1996 Cycle Craft grew out of its small store front and moved to its current 8,000 square foot location located at the intersection of New Road and Route 46. At that time, Cycle Craft was ahead of it’s time offering customers a huge selection of goods and offering services that no other shop had even conceived of including Lifetime Maintenance and a Guaranteed fit. Since that time many shops have followed suit and copied many of the concepts pioneered by RL and Brendan.

Today, Cycle Craft is owned by Brendan Poh and his wife Cathy Brennan where they continue offering the most advanced fitting services in the area and a satisfaction guarantee unmatched by any other bike dealer.

Brendan's Reasons to Shop with Him and His Staff

Brendan Poh, owner of Cycle Craft.For me bicycles are moveable works of art that also have a purpose. My objective is to get as many people as possible to use bicycles as an active and healthy lifestyle choice. We sell a wide variety of products to users at all levels from beginner to advanced enthusiast. We are known for having a really friendly staff and a willingness to solve problems that other stores will not.

My mission is to provide my customers with the best retail experience they have ever had in any retail store.

Our store provides advanced mechanical services, expert bike fitting with the new Guru Fit Experience. We support a variety of ride events and teams. Our car rack department offers a complete selection of products plus we install car hitches.

Throughout the year we offer repair clinics, new bike owner's clinics, beginner MTB trail clinics, and shop road rides. Bike rentals and a comprehensive bike demo program are offered as well.

Customers often comment that we take the time to address their individual needs when other shops won't. We also do a better job than most shops at addressing the needs of women cyclists with a really wide selection of bikes, apparel, shoes, etc as well as having several women on staff including one of the owners.

There are lots of shops around. Why should I come to yours?:
Because nobody works harder than we do to make sure you are a happy customer.