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Bulldog Club

The Bulldog Cycling Club

The Bulldog Cycling Club is a new evolution for our shop sponsored race program “Team Bulldog”. We created the Bulldog Club in recognition that not all riders want to race but to enjoy the camaraderie and passion for bicycles shared among the riders on Cycle Craft’s Team Bulldog. Our team vibe is definitely “come as you are” as we welcome all types of people with all types of backgrounds. Our club is not snobby or pretentious like many clubs tend to be. As a result we have ride experiences for virtually all levels of rider. Are you a beginner? Awesome! We are excited that you want to ride and we will do everything we can to make you wildly successful. Are you thinking about trying a race or two? You’re in the right place. We can get you started!

What Does Our Club Do?

Our main objective is to get out on our bikes and have fun. We ride mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes…it’s all good! Many of our members participate in Triathlons, do charity rides, hit the rail trails for recreation and more. In season (April until the weather or daylight prevents it) we have weekly rides on pavement and dirt. We also offer maintenance clinics and ride skills clinics for beginners. Check out our calendar and join our face book group here. Being part of the Cycle Craft Bulldog Club is free! All you need to do is sign our ride waiver and you’re good to go.

Ride Guidelines

  1. Safety on our rides and events is our number one priority. Any rider exhibiting any behavior that the ride leaders feel endanger their personal safety, or the safety of any other rider, may be asked to no longer participate in club activities. Ride leaders may offer coaching or instructions on safety or technique from time to time. Don’t take offense-that is their function!
  2. Courtesy and respect for all is expected by anyone participating in a Bulldog activity. Abusive language and aggressive behavior have no place in our club.
  3. On road rides, all riders are expected to follow the rules of the road. This means stopping at lights and stops signs, yielding at yield signs, riding no more than two abreast and forming single file when traffic is overtaking from the rear. In a group ride do not ever pass another rider on their right hand side. Do not ever “half wheel” another rider. Manage your speed and make sure you can stop if necessary. If you do any of these things on a ride the ride leaders may offer corrective advice-If you feel offended by that, please see guideline number 1.
  4. You are responsible for being situationally aware of what is going on around you. When a group is crossing an intersection do not rely on the person in front of you to give the all clear. Do not proceed until you are sure it is safe to do so.
  5. On mountain bike rides we follow the IMBA guidelines for trail yielding. That is, hikers have the right of way first, then equestrians, then mountain bikes. If you are overtaking or approaching either a hiker or equestrian, you should stop and ask if it is okay to pass and do so only when it is safe.
  6. All calendar posted rides will have a description of distance, estimated average speed, and difficulty of terrain as well as whether it is a “drop ride” or a “no drop ride”. On a drop ride, if a rider is unable to keep pace with the group, the group will not wait. On a “no drop ride”, the group will stay together and wait at rally points for others to catch up. If you are unsure of your ability to stay with a group that has a “drop” designation, it is better to not join that ride unless you are okay with finding your way back. 
  7. Some rides will have posted routes and GPX file links ahead of time. 
  8. All rides will leave at the posted time of departure-there are no “grace periods” of time so if you are late the group will leave without you.
  9. There may be ad-hoc rides posted on the Bulldog Club facebook group page that are not on the calendar-Descriptions and routes will be at the discretion of the person who posts the ride.