Cycle Craft Parsippany

Meet the Team

Mike Eddeh

Mike is our service manager with a long history here at Cycle Craft. First hired in 1995, Mike knows his way around a bike. His attention to detail and ability to solve problems will give you confidence that your bike is good hands.

Geoff Meade

Master Tech Geoff Meade is a mechanic and BMX rider par excellence! In addition to handling a huge variety of repair work, Geoff is our go to guy for all things BMX. You break, he fix.

Joe Baldacci

Master Tech Joe B has been around the course once or twice. As the former shop manager of another local business Joe has a deep knowledge of repair and equipment spec. He is also an amazing MTBer on our Bulldog race team!

Mike Peer

Master Tech Mike Peer has been a Cycle Craft fixture since 1993. A naturally gifted mechanic Mike can solve pretty much any mechanical problem you can cook up. If Mike can’t fix it-it can’t be fixed.

Mitch Goldstein

Journeyman mechanic Mitch Goldstein has been riding and working on bikes for decades! Mitch handles lots of “on the spot” repairs and assemblies.

Fabian Autedo

Master Tech Fabian Autedo is an accomplished rider and mechanic. Not only is he a fixture at our shop, Fabian is also one of the head mechanics for the annual Police Unity Tour. Fast and reliable-that’s Fabian!

Ashton McKeon

The Kid-Ashton is our shop apprentice. Passionate about bikes and bike riding!