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Custom Bikes-Who Needs ‘Em?!

Bikes Have Been Around For A Long Time!

Bicycles have been around for a long time now. Since the time of the high wheeler through the age of the safety bicycle into the modern era of highly specialized bikes for all kinds of purposes, people have been seeking out the “perfect” bike. Trouble is, that probably means something different for every person. Bike makers have been mass producing all types of bikes, and since the introduction of the mountain bike in the 1980’s, further refining and splitting categories to the point of virtually offering every person a bike specially suited to their individual needs.

How Many Kinds Of Bikes Are There?

There are Road racing bikes, Road endurance performance bikes, road touring bikes, aero-dynamic time trial bikes, Fitness hybrid bikes, comfort hybrid bikes, dual sport and gravel bikes, mountain bikes for cross country racing, longer travel “trail bikes”, enduro racing bikes, downhill bikes, dirt jumping bikes-it’s getting pretty ridiculous right?

Now, let’s add electric motor assist to all those types of bikes! Makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

How Do You Define “Custom”?

So with all of that stuff out there, why in the name of all that is good, do we have “custom” bikes? That’s a great question. First, let’s define what we mean by custom-you can really look at it two different ways. In one sense, you can “semi-customize” a stock bike to suit your individual requirements and taste. This is something that we do every day at Cycle Craft. As much as the bike companies have created a plethora of choices, the individual tastes of a discerning rider are not always met by the stock offering. Often times we change out drive train components. Other riders require different fit components including seats, handlebars, and stems. Other riders will upgrade their new bike to lighter, or more aerodynamic wheels. There are loads of options for carrying gear on all types of bicycles. There is almost no limit to what you can customize your bike to do. Racing, touring, off road touring, heavy duty trail riding-you name it-we can make a stock bike do it.

The other type of “custom” bike is the one that is truly a one off bike made just for you. Usually custom bikes are made for road riding or triathlon but custom mountain bikes are available also. Some of the reasons you might want to consider getting a bike made just for you include sizing, ride tuning, aesthetics, or unique functionality.

Who Gets A Custom Bike?

Most often we are making custom bikes for sizing requirements. After a rider goes through the advanced fitting process in our fit lab we sometimes discover that stock bike geometries are not suitable for people whose height or proportion requirements not met by whats’ available.

There other primary driver for a truly custom bike is the desire for the bike to have special ride properties. The things that impact that are frame materials, how the tubes are engineered and joined, and the steering characteristics created by the geometry of the frame that includes such things as the overall wheel base of the bike, chain stay length, seat and head tube angles, and the length and offset of the fork. You can make some pretty cool stuff!

Once we have completed a rider assessment and fitting we move on to the design stage where we work with our builders to create your “perfect” bike. Currently at Cycle Craft we work with two primary custom bike makers. Parlee and No22. Parlee specializes in carbon fiber frames and No22 works mainly with titanium. Between these to builders you can get virtually anything you can imagine.

Get Your Custom Bike At TheRight Place!

There are many bike stores out there but not too many with the capability of the Cycle Craft Cycling Center. If you are ready for the ride of your dreams get in touch with us for a consultation. Who deserves it more than you?