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Successories, Top Bicycle Accessories for Successful Rides

“Successories”, These are the accessory items that will help to make your rides wildly successful! Take a look at some of the categories below to get an idea of what’s available and why you should have them.
A helmet is a no brainer. Well actually, it’s a protect your brainer! Helmets come in a variety of styles and fit options to satisfy anyone’s requirements.
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Lighting/ Visibility
Be as visible as possible. With distracted driving at epidemic proportions, visibility on your bike is key.
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Sounds funny but having a mirror on your handle bars for seeing what’s coming up behind you is a great thing to have!
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Horns and Bells
A gentle “ding dinnngg” alerts people you are there without making them jump.
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Protective Gear for Off Road and BMX
Elbow and knee protection for aggressive BMX or off road riding can save your vulnerable joints from trauma. Especially when learning new skills!
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Look for a seat that provides a comfortable shape as well as the right amount of padding.
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For off road riding a hydration pack is a great way to have your drink available easily and the pack holds your tools, spare tube, pump, food, etc.
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Remember that thing about the comfortable seat? A pair of padded bike shorts will set you free.
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Bike shoes are designed to give you a firmer platform for your feet so more of your energy goes into moving the bike.
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For comfort, the padding in the gloves will keep your hands more comfortable on the bars, provide better grip, and most have some sort of wiper to soak up the sweat.
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Bike jerseys are not just fancy T-shirts. It comes in a variety of styles and weights for all four seasons. There is no bad weather - just bad clothing!
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Good quality polycarbonate eyewear will protect your eyes from bugs, pebbles, dust, etc.
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A simple kick stand helps you protect your bike whenever you are off of it! We even have a clever hidden stand for fancy road bikes!
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Rear Rack
For hybrid, comfort, and commuter bikes, a rear carrying rack increases the utility of your bike tremendously!
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A bag for every purpose!
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Also add comfort! Keep the water off your back and your pants. An absolute necessity if you ride in wet conditions.
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Portable Repair Items
Even if you are not comfortable fixing your own flat, having your own items will make it possible for someone else on your ride to help you.
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Cellphone Holder
Ride hands free! Use your phone as a bike computer and direction finder by using a phone holder on your handlebar in a place where you scan easily see it.
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Car Rack
Stop stuffing your bike into the back of your car! You can mount one on your trunk, set up a car top carrier, or add a trailer hitch and hitch rack to your vehicle.
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Floor Pump
Reduce your chances of getting a flat by making sure you have the correct pressure in your tires every time you ride.
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Chain Cleaning Kit
A little bit of chain maintenance will save you money and make your bike work better. Chain cleaner for the win!
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Bike Cleaning Brushes
Keep your bike looking great and working great by using good brushes that clean with out damaging your finish.
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Bike Wash
Use the correct cleaners on your bike to remove dirt and grime without compromising any of the parts and finishes.
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Chain Lube
The right amount of lube will dramatically increase the life of your chain and make your shifting smoother.
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