Cycle Craft Parsippany

Cycle Craft Custom

A factory grade bicycle places limitations on your vision. Why not design and build the bike of your dreams?

Let us help you create your dream bicycle. Your vision-Our expertise

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Dream It

Let's get together and refine the vision. What are the things you want your bike to do? Components, wheels, colors-Almost anything is possible,

Find Your Fit

The foundation of a great bike is a great fit. Our state of the art fit lab has the tools and our fitters have the experience to nail your fit-Guaranteed!

Build it

Once we have a vision and a design we collaborate closely with our frame makers to craft your frame. When the frame is finished our expert technicians build and tune your dream bike to exacting standards.

Rely On Our Experience And Expertise

In the world of product marketing, companies like to use un-supportable superlatives like “fastest”, or “lightest”, or even The Best”. But if you’re talking about a factory grade bicycle, how can it possibly live up to that hyperbole? What is best? Best for a sponsored racer? Best for your neighbor?  So what’s the best bike for you? Well, that would be a bike that was made just for you.  If you are looking for something really special, that rides the way you want it to ride-exactly to your specifications, a Cycle Craft custom might be just what you are looking for. Your journey begins with a consultation with one of our advisors, followed by a master fitting experience in our state of the art fit lab. After we have all the data, your bike is  hand crafted and then assembled with the components of your choice by our expert technicians. 

A Bike Fitting Experience Like No Other

As the foundation for your best possible ride experience, we have put together one of the best bike fit labs in the country. Great tools and great bike fitters produce great results. Even if you are not looking at a new or custom bike, our advanced bike fit will help you get the most out of whatever bike you are riding. Make an appointment today!