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Custom Bikes-Who Needs ‘Em?!

Bikes Have Been Around For A Long Time! Bicycles have been around for a long time now. Since the time of the high wheeler through

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Bike Shopping

BMX 101

So you want a BMX bike. Okay, no problem! Now what? We decided to put together this quick, informative guide to help you figure out


Instant Speed

Eddy Merckx, considered by many to be the best bike racer of all time, is famously credited with having said “To get better, don’t buy

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Power To The People!

There are certain things that most cycling coaches agree on and one them is using power as the basis for creating highly effective focused training

Integrated Athletics

What Is A Power Meter?

In the context of a bicycle a power meter is a device used to measure the amount of power you are generating while pedaling your bike.