Thank You For Stopping By!

I want to personally thank you for stopping by Cycle Craft today. We talked about a lot of bikes, gear and the true value of cycling. I hope we didn’t overwhelm you!

I also wanted to take a moment to just recap the main points we spoke about in the store and a few others that we find come up during the bike purchase process.

The main 3 points of concern usually fall into these cataegories:

  • Can I afford the bike that I love?
  • Can I get it cheaper somewhere else or online?
  • Did I do enough research?

The Bike I Want is Out of My Budget

Many of our customers have different budgets. Here at Cycle Craft, we recognize that. We have partnered with Synchrony Financial to get you off and riding your perfect bike without breaking the bank.

6 month or 12 month financing plans

Deferred interest, no interest or reduced interest options

Convenient minimum monthly payments

Monthly online statements

Manage or pay your bills online

Fast credit decisions

Have a Bike to Trade-in?

We partner with Bicycle Blue Book to get you the most vale for your trade-in. To find out more about you bike’s value, click here.

If you’re looking at a bike you love, but it’s out of your budget, stop back in and talk with us. We’ll help you find a bike and financing that’s a perfect match for you and your budget.

I Can Buy the Same Bike Cheaper Online

When you purchase a bike online, that’s all you get — a bike. Here’s what to expect when buying a bike online:

  • The bike is shipped disassembled — You will have to assemble it yourself or pay someone as much as $150 to assemble your bike for you
  • It won’t be custom fit to you
  • Your bike may ship with lower quality components
  • No maintenance plan for your bike

When you purchase a bike from Cycle Craft, we guarantee so much more:

  • Your bike is custom fit to you
  • Each bike is made with high-quality components
  • Free Peace of Mind maintenance plan for the first year - a $160 value!

One Sweet Offer

If you pop back into Cycle Craft within the next 7 days, we’ll give you 20% off the purchase of 3 items or more when you purchase a bike! Yes, that’s right — 20%! This is the ONLY place you’ll see this offer!

This offer is good for bike gear, clothing, accessories, and merchandise throughout the whole store! Hurry back before it’s too late!